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Jem Finer’s Longplayer

(click on title go to his website)


Michael & Candida Valentino were consulted by Jem Finer the composer of Longplayer

to help realise a live performance of an extract of Longplayer at the London Roundhouse

from 8.20am Saturday 12th September to 1.00 am Sunday 13th September 2009.

We advised Jem about the way in which the Harmonics of the Tibetan Singing Bowls

behave enabling him to choose the bowls for the piece and how to place the bowls on the

wooden structure with “Blue tac” as well as how to mic the piece up with pzm mics.

Finally we helped coach some of the performer how to play the bowls.

This was the first ever live performance of a 1000 minute section of “Longplayer” played

on a 25 metre wide instrument made up of six concentric circles of Tibetan Singing Bowls.


Douglas Benford, Steve Beresford, Gina Birch, John Bisset, Ansuman Biswas, Tom Chant

Richard Cripps, Peter Cusack, Rhodri Davis, Ben Drew, Jem Finer, Iris Garrelfs, Darryl Hunt

Ivor Kallin, Andrew Kotting, Kaffe Matthews, Graeme Miller, J Maizlish Mole, Hayley Newman,

Michael Ormiston, Spider Stacy, Emma Stow, David Toop, Candida Valentino, Laura Williams.

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longplayer3 .jpg

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