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Life After Life  (Amina 2004)

 Candida Valentino 


Life after Life is the debut CD by Candida Valentino and was recorded in collaboration with

multi-instrumentalist and Kh๖๖mii singer Michael Ormiston. Candida has chosen traditional songs,

chants and mantras from various traditions as a way of expressing and acknowledging journeys that both externally and internally resonate with the eternal now.


To listen to extracts from some of the tracks on this CD please visit our various myspace sites.


1.Cave of a Thousand Buddhas 23’23”

Pt 1 Choir of Aums. (Candida Valentino & Michael Ormistion), Pt 2.Tibetan Singing Bowl and Solo Voice. C.V.

Pt 3.Choir of Overtone Singing and Solo Voice (C.V. & M.O.), Pt 4.Chorus of Tibetan Singing Bowls. (C.V. & M.O.)

Pt 5.Gong, Conch Shell, Bowed Cymbal. (C.V.), Pt 6.Om Mani Padme Hum (C.V. & M.O.)

Pt 7.Tingshags and Bowed Water Bowls. (C.V. & M.O.)

Dedicated to peace between China and Tibet and to all sacred Buddhist sites around the world, especially the

Cave of a Thousand Buddhas at Flaming Mountain in China which still lives in my heart since my visit in May 1998.


2. Dorvon Nastai Khaluin 7’34”

A Traditional  Mongolian  song about a four year old chestnut horse. The horse is an honoured animal in Mongolia and there are many songs dedicated to this wonderful creature.

Solo Voice and Long song voices – Candida Valentino.  Kh๖๖mii, Morin Khuur – Michael  Ormiston

Dedicated to all the Mongolian friends I have made since my visit in August 2000& to their generosity, kindness & most of all their music of the land.


3. Shiva Mahesh Vara  12’05”

A song to Shiva the Hindu God of Creation/Destruction.

Solo Voice, Harmony vocals & Tingshags – Candida Valentino  .

Percussion, Tambura, Esraj & Harmony vocals – Michael Ormiston  

Dedicated to the many people I have met on my travels to India and the ones I have yet to meet.


4. Angel Chant 6’22” (Tree of Life. Kabbalah)

A song to call on the angels of Malkuth, Hod, Netzach and Tipareth who assist us in honouring our present existence.

Solo Voice, Harmony voices & Yaweh – Candida Valentino. 

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Darabuka, Ney & Yaweh – Michael Ormistion

Dedicated to the many souls who have journeyed with me and those who have been my teachers,

Paul Taylor, David Poole and Lois Phillips.


5. Kungorei (Tuva)/ A Shaman’s Calling (influence Native American) 6’37”

The first part is a melody from a Tuvan song about being away from home and a longing to return, it then moves into an improvised shamanic piece which is dedicated to the need to honour and cherish the home of us all, Gaia.

Solo Voice, Native American Flute, Shaman Drum, Shaker, Spring drum,

Nose/mouth flute and Wind chimes – Candida Valentino

Jews Harp and Breath – Michael Ormiston


6. Om Tara Tuttare (Tibetan Buddhist) 15’29”

A mantra to the loving and merciful Goddess, Tara asking for wisdom, healing and compassion.

Solo voice/harmony voices and overtones – Candida Valentino

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Electric 12 string, Esraj,

Shaman Drum, Shaker and overtone singing – Michael Ormiston.

Dedicated to H.H. The Dalai Lama, who is widely recognised as an advocate for world peace, and who I was fortunate to meet and sing for in Northern Ireland in October 2000.


For details of how to buy the CD and information on Chavutti Thirumal Massages, Workshops, Therapy sessions and meditation eveningsContact candida at


All titles and original compositions arranged/performed by Candida Valentino and

Michael Ormiston. Recorded  at Chamber 26 Studios, London, Spring 2001. ฉ Candida Valentino 2001



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