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Kora, A Sacred Sound Journey

 by  Michael Ormiston, Candida Valentino & Kanti (Amina Kora01)


Kora reflects the inspirational sound journeys that Kanti, Michael & Candida create together & their

pilgrimages to sacred lands, particularly Mongolia, Nepal & Tibet.


1 Sankalpa 7’04’’ 2.  Power of Conception 5’35’’ 3. Temple of Lapis Lazuli Light 5’03’’

4 Pilgrim Prayers:  1.Song For the Goddess 3’20’’ 2.Mongolian Mountain Prayer 5’17’’ 3.Spiralling Heart 2’59’’

5 Windhorse Messengers 7’28’’

6.Puja 8’39’’  7. Shunya Mandala 13’

8. Turiya 4’57’’

 Total time 63’28’’


Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalaya Singing Bowls, Struck & Rubbed Symphonic Gongs, Water Bowls, Conch Shells (Dung-dkar), Handbell (Drilbu), Damaru, Large cymbals (Rolmo), Shawm (gGyaling), Long Horn (Dung),

Drum (rGna), Tibetan Yak bell (Ghanta), Native American Flutes, Mongolian Horse Head Fiddle (Morin Khuur), Jew’s Harp,  Metal & Wooden shakers, Shaman Drums, Drum Gongs, Gamelan Bowls, Struck Singing Bowls, Symphonic Gongs Mantra Chanting, Mongolian Overtone Singing (khöömii), Tuvan Undertone Singing (Khargyraa), Mongolian Epic Singing (Khailakh)


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Kanti is a Sound Therapist & Yoga Teacher with a passion for using

sound to create harmony, balance & empowerment within people's lives.

Kanti has a particular love of creating a sacred space for

groups of people taking them on deep transformational Sound Journeys.


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Michael Ormiston is the UK’s most experienced Mongolian Khöömii Overtone singer,

and a multi instrumentalist who uses his sounds in concert,

inspirational workshops, meditational sound journeys, therapeutic sound massages,

workshops with special needs, dance, theatre & film.

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Candida Valentino has a deep connection for Sacred Geometry

creating her own Mandalas & Yantras based on her love of colour, shape, nature

and her study of The Tantric arts.

She is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist specializing in Overtone and Undertone Singing.