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Kate small

Another Time

 A mask dance drama with live music, exploring human relationships, ecological and environmental themes.

In this collaboration a world both ancient and mythological, yet full of contemporary concerns is brought to life

through masks, music and dance. The physical and interpretative skills of dancers Kate Pyper, Sally E Dean

and mime Robert Williams are combined with the masks, costumes and direction of Jeff Higley

 and the extraordinary vocal and musical abilities of throat singers Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino.

Adding the work of performance artist and experimental vocalist Barbara Keal

to the mix creates a powerful fusion of darkly poetic images and sounds.

Another Time CD


1. Awakening 8’26’’ 2. Emergence 4.08’’ 3. Transmission 6’06’’ 4. Clay Form 11’08’’

5. Girl In The World 2’26’’ 6. Night Walker 7’58’’  7. One Grain of Sand 15’52’’

     Total Time 56’08’’


Jeff Higley : Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shakuhachi, Breathe, Detuned Cheng (Chinese Long Zither)

Barbara Keal : Voice and Voice with handmade clay resonating vessels, Breathe

Michael Ormiston : Voice, Mongolian Khöömii Overtone Singing, Kharkhiraa Undertone Singing, Jew’s Harp, Breathe. Rubbed, Prepared Singing Bowl,

                                 Portland Stone Lithophone, Turkish Ney, Morin Khuur (Mongolian Horse head Fiddle),

Candida Valentino: Kharkhiraa Undertone Singing, Breathe, Prepared Singing Bowl


Recorded & Engineered by Michael Ormiston April 16th to 18th 2012 at South Malling Church, Lewes.

Mixed at Chamber 23 Studios London. All titles © The Artists.

Available from

spore group 2


Sound and space project conceived and designed by Jeff Higley working with composer Michael Parsons and 4 dancers, 3 musicians, a vocalist and an engineer.


The piece was developed through his experience of working many times in Colourscape

as part of HyperYak. Not only performing within the structure but watching it inflate, move, rise and fall provided the initial stimulus with the idea of blown air being central to the piece. It evolves within the Colourscape structure which is itself transient, formed and sustained by blown air.


There were two related elements that formed the piece. The first was a harmonic sound structure placed in the central silver space made from old organ pipes. The second element is a group of masked and costumed dancers who represented the spores given off by this structure. As the piece began they formed a group around this structure in the central silver space and driven by the sound moved throughout Colourscape. Moving like spores, carried through the space as if by the air that powered the structures different chambers, they drifted, exploring the harmonics of the organ pipe machine and overtone flutes (including small organ pipes) played by the musicians and their physical responses to the visual resonances of the colour chambers..


The reflective and iridescent fabric of their costumes created a strong visual response to the different colour chambers. They moved, coalesced and split apart, forming and reforming as they moved through the space. When the dancers encounter each other and members of the public they will interact in various improvised ways. In addition the reflective costumes with show spectators fragmented views of themselves and the colour environment. As well as responding to colour the kinetic costumes also reflected the nature of a bamboo grove sometimes still, sometimes bending, moving-dancing with the wind. They echo the continuous, subtle movements of the structure they are within which constantly ripples and moves, responding to the air pressure sustaining its form.


Please visit Jeff’s site for information about him and our earlier projects