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Harmonic Voicings

Harmonic Voicings is a unique collaboration between French Horn and Alphorn player Martin Mayes

and Overtone and Undertone Singers Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino.


The trio exploits the magical sounds of horn and voice by diving into harmonics, into the innermost depths of sound.

The sound world they work with also includes the Morin Khuur (Mongolian Horse head Fiddle), the Tibetan oboe, Norwegian Harmonic Flutes, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells, Gongs, Conch Shells, tubes and whirlies.


Click here for a short video of an improvisation we performed in Italy


The idea for the trio came through working together in Colourscape ( ), a walk-in colour environment which creates another-world experience through the exclusive use of primary colours.

Harmonic Voicings transports this approach into the world of sound.


Overtone and Undertone Singing is particularly linked with the mountains of Mongolia and Tibet.

The French Horn is linked with the woods of Bohemia and the Alphorn with the mountains of Switzerland.  In different ways there is a proximity to nature which inspires such apparently disparate kinds of music.


Harmonic Voicings intertwines improvisation with composition to explore the mysterious world of harmonics

through a mixture of techniques and styles. The repertoire of the trio includes solos, duos and trios which move from purely vocal pieces and purely instrumental pieces to wild mixes of both. Loops and live electronics enrich the mix.

The music ranges from ideas which lie close to original music from Mongolia or Switzerland to the invention of an extravagant Tibetan-style “orchestra” with increasingly complex layers of sound created out of very short and simple sounds and melodies. The concert is a constantly evolving and intricate tapestry of sound whose “leitmotif” is the use of harmonics.