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Fabrice Mazliah

Fabrice is a wonderful dancer and Choreographer who made his name dancing with ballet Frankfurt now the Forsythe Company.

We first collaborated on “The magic of Understanding” in Frankfurt in 1999.





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Du dire au faire, au milieu la mer

Performance-Spectacle Danse-Peinture (Performance, Dance, Live Painting, Music)

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Conception : Gilbert et Fabrice Mazliah
Choregraphie and Dance/Movement: Fabrice Mazliah     (interview with Fabrice)
Live Painting : Gilbert Mazliah

Musician and composer : Michael Ormiston, Live Vidéo : Pierre Bugnon et Nicolas Senn

(...) Michael Ormiston (...) with flutes, Tibetan bowls, suspended guitar and voice,

 plays essentially a live electro-acoustic accompaniment.

His ethereal and stellar sound environment, sometimes mangled by sidereal siren screams

or a space creature from an imaginary bestiary envelopes

the entire space ahead of or echoing Mazliah's gestures.

Le Temps Mercredi 4 septembre 2002

Du Dire Au Faire, Au Milieu La Mer was performed 5 times in September 2002 at La Manège Theatre in Geneva. The performance had many levels involving the relationship between father & son with a timeline reflecting/exploring/showing particular aspects of their live(s). It was performed on 3 different levels in the theatre, Fabrice beginning on the ground floor, Gilbert painting on the 2nd & myself performing on the top floor. Live video projection was the medium through which Gilbert & Fabrice would interact. A camera was positioned filming Gilbert painting which was projected onto sheets making a cube on all floors, as was live filming of Fabrice dancing. The music was diffused on all three floors with a large PA system. I composed a fixed electro-acoustic score playing from a computer & at the same time created live loops using my Voice, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shawms & also live playing of a guitar based sound sculpture hanging from the ceiling plus a pzm microphone under a large metal plate which started the piece by the sound of the incomers footsteps being transformed by live electronics