Candida Valentino

Candida currently works as a Chavutti Thirumal Massage Therapist, Overtone singer and Tibetan Singing Bowl and Gong practitioner. With Michael she has performed for H.H. the Dalai Lama, The exiled prime minister of Tibet and last year (2002) toured Europe with her Mongolian Khöömii Teacher, Tserendaava. Candida is presently developing soundtransformations workshops with Michael Ormiston. She uses healing sounds both in individual sessions as well as in concerts around the U.K and in Europe. Candida sings traditional songs, chants and mantras from various traditions as a way of expressing and acknowledging journeys that both externally and internally resonate with the eternal now. Her solo CD “Life After Life” is available during workshops and concerts.


Candida Valentino originally trained and worked as a visual artist and costume designer for dance and opera. She then had her own sound transformation in 1991 and started working with toning, overtoning and voice work as a tool for healing. She went on to train with Chris James and completed The Power of Sound Teacher Training in 1999. She has for the last three years played with Don Conreaux and his Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble, and has also attended Raga singing workshops with Gilles Petit. Candida went on to study Mongolian Khöömii singing with Michael Ormiston. She travelled to Mongolia with him in 2000 to meet his teacher Tserendavaa and has now been blessed to teach Khöömii.




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