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Michael Ormiston. Candida Valentino, Eddy Sayer


Compositions & Improvisations for Symphonic & Wind Gongs


Michael, Candida and Eddy played struck, bowed & rubbed Symphonic & Wind Gongs.

With Conch Shells, Windy’s, Bells and Bowed Tibetan Singing Water Bowls. 


Deep Ocean Gong 12’54’’

Inner Silent Gong 8’47’’

Dakini Filaments 10’18’’

Impermanent Realms 8’38’’

Celestial Waves 15’22’’

Boundless Gateway 12’54’’


Recorded and mixed at Sound 23 studio London, March 24th 2005.

All pieces played, recorded & composed by Michael Ormiston, Candida Valentino & Eddy Sayer ©2005


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