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Ashtamangala - The Eight Auspicious Symbols Amina 2011


The pieces on this CD represent Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino’s

contemporary sonic reflections upon the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism.


1 Nidhana Kumbha (Treasure Vase ) 9’12’’

Click to Listen to an extract on Soundcloud


The divine vase of inexhaustible treasures which possesses the quality of spontaneous manifestation.

Michael - Morin Khuur (Mongolian Horse Head Fiddle), Dombra, Electric Bass, Frame Drum,

Mongolian Tagnain Khöömii/Karkhiraa/Khailakh Overtone/Undertone/Throat Singing. 

Candida - Karkhiraa Undertone Singing, Voice, Overtone singing & Frame Drum.



2 The Wheel of Life, The Endless Knot, Anahata  Medley  10’09’’

      Click to Listen to an extract of the Wheel of Life on Soundcloud


The wheel of life an illusion it seems, drifting endless dreams. Open to the wisdom of compassion in our hearts.

Samsara Milarepa sings, only suffering brings. Open to the wisdom of compassion in our hearts.

Truth, love, anahata, will dissolve our desires.

Struggle of existence, binding of the mind, letting go of history and all of time,

Present in each moment, feel your heart SHINE

Truth, love, anahata can inspire our lives. The wheel of life with strength and guidance

Will all our wishes be fulfilled? Conciousness illuminates



The Endless Knot 4’28’’     Anahata 2’31’’

Click to Listen to an extract of Endless Knot


The eternal knot, symbolises the Buddha’s endless wisdom and compassion,

leading to a place of balance in heart, Anahata.


Michael - Irish Bouzouki, Electric Bass, Frame drum, Morin Khuur, Voice.

Candida - Voice, Frame Drum, Jingles, Harmonic Flute.


3 - Wish Fulfilling Prayer  (Treasure Vase ) 7’33’

       Click to Listen to an extract on Soundcloud


      Based on a Mongolian Dallaga invocation/prayer to invite prosperity.


             Khi mori, khishig buyan, tsog zolbo,                              Yaruu aldaryuu sanasanyösön khűsliig

             Sanasan yossor, setgelchilin buteej khailakh.                  HuraiHuraiHurai!


             Good luck, good fortune, glory & success.                     Great renown, you wished for 9 desires.

             According to my wishes and intentions, please grant.    HuraiHuraiHurai!


     Michael - Morin KhuurKhöömii/Kharkhiraa. Candida - Voice, Tingshag, Frame Drum 


4 - Two Golden Fishes 4’51’’

       Click to listen to an extract of Two Golden Fishes

      The two golden fishes symbolise happiness and abundance.


      Michael - Chinese Reed Flute, Frame Drum, Electric bass     

      Candida - Indian Banjo, Tibetan Singing  Bowls, Frame Drum


5 - Parasol Protection Mantra/Banner of Victory Medley 12’15’’

     Click to listen to an extract of parasol mantra on soundcloud


               Om sarva, tathagata, ushnisha sitatha padme hum


     A contemporary arrangement of one of the White Tara’s (Jetson Dolma) mantras invoking extremely

      powerful protection followed by The Banner of Victory, an emblem of the Buddha’s victorious


      Pt 1 Journey to Victory 1’50’’   Pt 2 Triumph over Mara (hindrances & negativity) 1’08’’ 

      Pt 3 Celebration 3’13’’

      Click to Listen to Journey to victory, Triumph over Mara and extract of Celebration


     Michael -  Irish Bouzouki, Undertone, Overtone, Khöömii Singing, Voice, Electric Bass, Frame Drums,

                      Jaw’s Harp, ShawmNagaswaram.

     Candida - Voice, Frame Drum, Recorder, Jaw’s Harp, Kharkhiraa Undertone singing.


6 - Lotus/Conch/Parasol Sound Journey 32’18’’


     Lotus - A journey from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, into the bright

                 sunshine of enlightenment. 

                    Michael & Candida - Rubbed Symphonic Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Harmonic Choir

                    Click to Listen to a very short edit of Lotus on SoundCloud


     Conch - The Conch announces the possibility of complete transformation of all

                   by clearing negative thought.

                   Candida - Conch, Kharkhiraa  singing.  Michael - Morin KhuurKhöömii Overtone singing.

                    Click to listen to a short edit of Conch on Soundcloud


Parasol - The Parasol protects from the shadow of ignorance.

                        Michael Turkish Ney Flute, Undertone Singing, Frame Drum & Zither.

                        Candida, Struck, E-bowed & Plucked Chord Zither, Singing Bowls

                        Click to listen to a very short Edit of Parasol Journey


All compositions © 2013 M. Ormiston & C. Valentino     

Recorded July - October 2013 at Chamber 23 Studios.


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