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As Above (Amina 2001)

Michael Ormiston


Relaxation, meditation and deep listening compositions featuring

Tibetan Singing Bowls, undertone & overtone singing and Turkish/ North African Ney flute.


Tibetan singing bowls ring with an ancient power that is a mystery to most of us. They have their roots in the animistic/shamanic religions of the Nepalese/Tibetan border area of the Himalayas where master craftspeople fashioned the bowls from seven or five precious metals.


The compositions and sounds used in “As Above” are intended for meditation, relaxation, Yoga, Tai Chi (etc)

 or for the sheer deep listening experience that the Tibetan singing bowls provide.


1. Meditation                  23’23”  Tibetan singing bowls, Tingshag

2. Breath of Life              6’26”    Ney (Turkish end blown flute), singing bowls

3. As Above, So Below   21’12”  Tibetan singing bowls, Burmese bell gong, Undertone voice and overtone voices.


All compositions composed, played, & engineered by Michael Ormiston at Chamber 26 studios January 2000.

© 2000 Amina records.          


Michael Ormiston has been playing & studying the bowls for many years & has given concerts for H.H. the Dalai Lama, the Tibet prime Minister in Exhile, the UK Tibet Foundation & Tibet House trust UK, Tibetologist Alain Presencer, Gongmaster Don Conreaux & Frank Perry. Michael has been leading meditations using Tibetan Singing Bowls ever since the Venerable Khamba Lam Choijampts, Abbot of Gandan monastery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia heard him playing. On hearing the bowls the Khamba Lam said they were to be used for meditation. Recently Michael has been exploring the therapeutic and healing potential of these bowls in conjunction with overtone singing.


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