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A Special Concert of  Sacred Ritual,

Healing Sounds & Songs for the Winter Festival (Alt001)


Michael Ormiston, Candida Valentino

Vince and Domenic DeCicco, Eddy Sayer


Michael was invited by Alternatives to bring together some of his musical friends and produce on a very special concert. This CD is a recording of this unique event. If you are interested in obtaining copies of this strictly limited edition then please email


The concert was recorded Monday 10th January 2005 Alternatives at St James's Church, Piccadilly

All pieces ©2005 Ormiston/Valentino/DeCicco/DeCicco/Sayer

Post production at studio 23 London


Opening  Conches        Michael & Candida, Tinshag - Eddy, Singing bowls - Vince & Dom

Gong Journey               Symphonic Gongs - Michael, Candida & Eddy

Grandmothers Bones   Voice - Vince & Dom, 12string guitar - Dom, Accordian - Vince

Khöömii Solo               Voice and Morin Khuur - Michael

Native American Flute Solo - Dom

Eva’s Tune                    Bouzouki - Michael, Native flutes - Candida & Dom, Percussion - Eddy & Dom,

                                      voices - Michael, Candida & Dom, Accordian - Vince

Kungorei                       Bouzouki - Michael, Percussion - Eddy, Candida & Dom, Accordian - Vince

                                      voices - Michael, Candida & Dom,

Spirit World                  sounds and live sampling Michael, Candida & Eddy

Yanauluha                    Percussion - all, voices - all

Deep in the Heart        Hybrid Harp - Eddy, Accordian - Vince, Morin Khuur - Michael, voices - Candida & Dom,

                                     6 string guitar - Dom

Dancing the Winter Away   Sibski - Michael, Accordian - Vince, Perc - Eddy,Candida & Dom

Oud Solo (Cretan lute) Dom

Italian Lullaby             Acc - Vince, Morin Khuur - Michael, vox - Vince, Candida, Michael & Dom, guitar - Dom,  

                                     Percussion - Eddy

Urumchi                       Bouzouki - Michael, voices - Michael & Candida, Percussion - Candida 

Where the Heart Lies - Acc - Vince, Morin Khuur - Michael, guitar - Dom, Percussion - Eddy - vox - Vince,

                                     Candida, Michael & Dom,


Vince and Domenic DeCicco songs and chants celebrate diversity and ethnic traditions using an eclectic mix of sounds and rhythms, creating a vibrant & compelling experience. Praying For The Rain will be performing in the springtime. Please visit their website for details


Eddy's percussion playing has been described as capable of inducing other worldly states of consciousness. His fusion of ancient ceremonial instruments with state of the art technology formed the inspiration for the groundbreaking, techno-shamanic-dreamscape- trance-inducing- journey music of ' Lights In A Fat City 's ' seminal LP ' Somewhere '.


Candida Valentino and Michael Ormiston facilitate “Soundtransformations” workshops, which include teaching vocal techniques such as toning, overtone and undertone singing as well as sharing their experience of using sacred instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs for deep listening and meditation.


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