Tserendavaa’s “Heaven’s Will” DVD



This unique DVD includes “Mongol Khöömiia film made by Mongolian musicologist Badraa in the early 1980’s & was first shown on Mongolian TV. Tserendavaa in concert”a live concert filmed in London 2002 with Candida Valentino and Michael Ormiston. This was an acoustic concert with no microphones. Message from “Mongoliaa short documentary with an interview with Tserendavaa and concert footage, plus extra footage of Tserendavaa singing in Chandman Sum, Khovd Aimag, his homeland.


The DVD is exclusively sold outside Mongolia by Michael Ormiston &Candida Valentino.

All the money except productions costs will go to Tserendavaa and his family to help him re-supply the loss of nearly 1,000 livestock during 2009/10 (Dzud) in Mongolia.




Tserendaava was my first introduction to Mongolian Khöömii singing. I first head him perform in August 1988 in London England. It was Tserendavaa’s amazing Khöömii that affected me so much that it changed the course of my life. In 1993, Five years later as if by magic the spiral had revolved again and I was staying in Tserendavaa’s Ger in Chandman sum. There he taught me the basic practices of Mongolian Khöömii and I continue to learn more each time that I have visited him in 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2005. He is considered by the people of Chandman, a master teacher as well as performer of his seven styles of Khöömii.

(more to follow…..)


Interview with Tserendavaa 1994


Interview on Mongolian TV 1995


Tserendavaa’s Solo CD “Chandman’ Song


Tserendaava’s European Tour 2002




















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