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Radiant Voyages (Amina 2009)

Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino            

Tibetan Singing Bowl Elemental Meditations


Radiant Voyages contains five original compositions using Tibetan Singing Bowls based on the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. They can be used as a meditation reflecting upon the nature of these elements and as a deep listening connecting us to the amazing sonic qualities that   Singing Bowls possess. Tibetan singing bowls ring with an ancient power that is a mystery to most of us. They have their roots in the animistic or shamanic religions of the Nepalese and Tibetan border areas of the Himalayas, where master craftspeople fashioned the bowls from five or seven precious metals.


To listen to extracts from some of the tracks on this CD please visit our various myspace sites.


1- Guru Gaia : An offering in honour and respest to “Teacher Earth”  10’56’’         

          Michael -  Singing Bowls, Djembe, Telluric Chant. Candida -  Singing Bowls, Khargiraa (Undertone singing)

2 - Dalai Drift : Immersion into the depths of the “Ocean of Wisdom”  10’43’’

          Michael -  Singing Bowls, Borbannadyr (overtones singing) , Water.  Candida -  Singing Bowls, Ocean Drum.

3- Agni Aura : The passion of desire burns within us until only the embers remain.  7’35’’

           Michael - Prepared  Singing Bowls, Paper, Shawm. Candida - Prepared  Singing Bowls, Bubblepack, Shawm.

4- Mistral Meditation : Finding stillness through heartfelt breathe.  9’55

          Michael - Ney (turkish flute), Ocarina, Wind Chimes. Candida - Heart  Bowl, Overtone Singing, Chimes Bars.

5 - Innerstellar : Beyond the beyond, a mystery of now, not a (his or her) story of  then! 13’47’’

          Michael -  Singing Bowls, Tibetan Cymbals, Ebowed Zither. Candida -  Singing Bowls, Tinshags, Wind Gongs.


compositions© 2007 M Ormiston & C Valentino Recorded & Produced at Chamber 23 Studios, London April/May 2007


Michael and Candida have used their unique collection of Singing Bowls for Meditation, Therapeutic Sound Massages,

Deep Listening and in performance worldwide. They facilitate Workshops, Therapy Sessions & Meditation Evenings.


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