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Facilitated by Michael Ormiston


The two-stringed fiddle Morin Khuur has figured prominently in Mongolia’s nomad culture.

Stringed instruments adorned with horse heads are attested to by written sources dating from

the Mongol empire of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.


The fiddle’s significance extends beyond its function as a musical instrument,

for it was traditionally an integral part of rituals and everyday activities of the Mongolian nomads.


The design of the Morin Khuur is closely linked to the all-important cult of the horse.

The instrument’s hollow trapezoid-shaped body is attached to a long fretless neck bearing

a carved horse head at its extremity. Just below the head, two tuning pegs jut out like ears

from either side of the neck.  In older instruments the soundboard is covered

with animal skin, and the strings and bow are made of horsehair.


Michael has been playing the Morin since 1993.


The lessons are for beginners to learn the basic techniques of playing

from the bowing methods and the unique fingering systems.

Fingering Charts and video clips enhance the lesson and provide a good tool for homework and practise.

Michael has a spare Morin Khuur to teach with and can help with obtaining a Morin Khuur from Mongolia.


The lessons are for one hour


Please contact Michael at for more details