Nomadic Winds by Erdene Zuzu Ensemble ; Disky Communications DC 854722, (published 1999)

A little bit of a mystery as the CD notes only list the track titles. I have added the instrumentation. There are eight Khöömii tracks by an unknown Khöömii singer. His Khöömii is not the best I have heard and the recording quality could be better. If anyone has any more information please email me.


1 Kankoki 3:02 (E.Zuzu) Yochin and limbe

2 Combontuuraitai‑Gunanhar 2,14 (E.Zuzu) Yochin and Khöömii

3 Durwungag 1,59 (E.Zuzu) Limbe

4 Sudgiinogoo 2,28 (E.Zuzu) womans voice, Yochin

5 Gazriinholloos 2,21 (E.Zuzu) Male voice, Morin khuur (long song)

6 Gandiimod‑Kongormori 2,22 (E.Zuzu) Yochin and Khöömii

7 Ulemjiinchanar 3,45 (E.Zuzu) Yochin, Yatag, Morin Khuur.

8 Galuuncuvaa 2,32 E.Zuzu) Yatag, Male voice (popular song)

9 Jononhar 1,32 (E.Zuzu) Morin Khuur

10 Goojnanaa 2,07 (E.Zuzu) Khöömii

11 Ooriinutag 2,26 (E.Zuzu) Yatag, female voice (popular song)

12 Yundenguuguu 2,54 (E.Zuzu) Yatag, female voice (popular song)

13 Durvunnastaichaliun 2916 (E.Zuzu) Yochin, Yatag , Khöömii

14 Zalamhar 2,22 (E.Zuzu) Limbe, yochin

15 Churdanmorinniicol 2,52 (E.Zuzu) Morin Khuur, male voice

16 Chingisiinmagtaal 5,29 (Myguarsuren) Yatag, male voice (with weak Khöömii)

17 Cencherlen‑Charagdana 2,06 (E.Zuzu) Limbe, Yochin, female voice (short song)

18 Jahaan Sharga 2,23 (E.Zuzu) Morin Khuur, male voice (Long song)

19 Erdene Havhansoydo 2,53 (E.Zuzu) Tobshuur, Khaillakh voice and Khöömii

20 Altaai Magtaal 3,54 (E.Zuzu) Morin Khuur, Tobshuur, voice and Khöömii

21 Goviin Ondor Gooj Na‑Naa 1,06 (E.Zuzu) Khöömii

22 Salkhin Zeer 2,14 (E.Zuzu) Yatag,


    Performed By: Erdene Zuzu


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