Mongolian Songs Track listing (I have tried correcting some of it any help welcome)


Tracks 1 to 10 feature Ganbold’s fantastic Khöömii singing and is usually accompanied by the yoochin. The rest of the CD is dedicated to Norovbanzad’s amazing voice. She sings some stunning urtyn duu (long songs) accompanied by the morin khuur as well as some bogino duu (shorts songs) backed by a small ensemble.


1 Khöömii  Khöömii is a type of vocal technique in which one singer simultaneously producers two pitches. Five types of Khöömii are recorded here, nasal, oral, glottal, chest and throat Khöömii.


2. Dorvon Nastai Khaluin/Siilen Boor The first song is about a lover who is coming on a swift dark horse followed by a song praising a beautiful young girl named Siilen Boor.


3. Tsombon Tuuraitai Khuren/Gooj Nana A love song followed by a song about a proud and haughty young person. The singer (not Ganbold who is from west Mongolia) is a HARUHA (Can anyone help me on this)? from the central or eastern part of Mongolia.


4. Buyant Gol/Khonin Joroo Mor’ The first song is a song extolling the natural beauty around the Buyant River area. The following song praises a horse.


5. ?????/Buural Mor’ Both of these songs are love songs


6. Ooriin Nutag This song speaks of the nostalgia for the homeland whilst way in a foreign country.


7. Yunden Googoo This song lauds a good-looking man name Yunden Googoo.


8. Arvan Tavni  Sar (full moon) The song of a beautiful young girl.


9. Khoyar Nutgiin ???


10.Tsenkherelen Kharagdakh Uul This song speaks of the beauty of mountains


11. Kherlegiin Bariya This long song is a song of a woman who has left her native area of singing lovingly about her brother.


12. Enkh Mendyn Bayar This long song is sung at the end of Banquets


13. Jaakhan Jargaa This long song laments a lost love.


14. ????? A Haruha (Khalkha?) folk song (long song)


15. Urikhan Khonor Salkhi (Warm sweet wind) (Long song)


16. Bayan Mongol This popular short song speaks of prosperous Mongolia


17. Dorvon Tsag A short song about the four seasons in the plains.


18. ?????? A song about a good-natured girl.


19. ???? duu? A song about a young shepherd boy.


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