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Michael & Candida Present a wide variety of concerts, Sound meditation evenings and more which can be tailor made for your requirements

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An Evening Concert of Music from their

Heaven’s Mountains, Ashatamangala, Chinatamani & Altai Himalaya CDs.

Traditional Mongolian melodies sung in Mongolian Khöömii overtone & undertone singing accompanied on traditional Mongolian instruments, the Morin Khuur (horse head fiddle), Tobshuur (fretless lute), Limbe (transverse flute) and Tömör/Khalsun Khuur (Jaw’s harp).  On these four CDs they also play their own compositions using their unique collection of musical instruments which include: Irish Bouzouki, Dombra, Indian Banjo, Tibetan singing Bowls, Symphonic Gongs, Harmonic flutes, Kyl Kyiak, Conch Shells, Ney (Turkish end blown flute), shaman’s drum and Native American flute…

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A Harmonic Sound Meditation Journey with

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Symphonic Gongs, Overtone singing and More…

Join Candida and Michael to celebrate an evening of Celestial Harmonic Singing, Transformational Gong Journeys,

Divine Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sacred Mantra Chanting and more.

An evening of experiencing the therapeutic and healing power of sound, movement and breath.

Open to anyone who wishes to bring consciousness to their world of sound & vibration externally & internally.

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Mongolia, The Land of the Blue Sky

Michael and Candida present an evening of music and images of Mongolia

Since 1993 Michael has travelled to Mongolia six times and has been privileged to have experienced

some of the extraordinary life style of the Semi-nomadic herders of this vast and empty country.

Unique images and personal stories will be interspersed with Traditional Music and contemporary compositions

reflecting their travels. For example, John Man invited them to present a half hour event at the launch of

his new book “The Mongol Empire”.


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 Discovering music and yourself with extraordinary Instruments Old and New

Michael and Candida have had many years experience running music sessions/concerts/projects with a whole range of abilities.

These include, Pre-school, Primary School, Secondary School, music Students, Special Needs Schools of all Spectrums,

people with Dementia and with mental health issues. Each dynamic, inclusive session is created for the needs of the group using musical instruments designed to develop whatever level they are at.