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sufi  mazaar dance small.jpgSufi Mazaar Dance

Live Kyrgz National

Drama Theatre


three silver birch small.jpgThree Silver Birch

Kyrgz National

Drama Theatre


dorvon small.jpgDorvon Nastai Khaluin

Kyrgyz National

Drama Theatre



Individual Lessons Info


kyl kyak duo small.jpgKyl Kyiak - Morin Khuur Duo




mandala sound journey.jpgKora Sound Journey

With Mandalas

Live at Clophill



bbc singing bowls.jpgMichael Plays Tibetan

Singing Bowls on

BBCTV Sacred Music






dorvon nastai birmingham.jpgMongolian Khöömii

Overtone Melody




candida kharkhiraa.jpgInterview with

Candida about

Karkhiraa Undertone Singing


Film Clips


nidhana windsor.jpgNidhana Khumba

Treasue Vase

Live in Windsor



wheel of life windsor.jpgThe Wheel of Life

Eternal Knot, Anahata Medley

Live Windsor


parasol windsor.jpgParasol Protection Mantra

Banner of Victory Medley Live at Windsor UK

Collaborations & Previous Projects



Guru sound meditation.jpgGuru Purnima

Sound Journey for

Master Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai


in conversation.jpgIn Conversation with

Michael and Candida

Harmonic Rooms




Concert info

monkey king.jpgThe Monkey King with Anusha Subramanyam.

Windsor Castle UK


guru gaia.jpgGuru Gaia

Candida Valentino

Live At Alternatives

London UK

kanti sound journey.jpgKanti, Candida & Michael

Sacred Sound Journey


London UK


TV Film Radio



fiorella film.jpgSoundtransformations Documentary by Fiorella Featuring Michael & Candida


wheel bishkek.jpgThe Wheel of Life

Kyrgyz National

Drama Theatre



bowed gong voice.jpgBowed Wind Gong and Overtone Singing improvised Looping. Colourscape Festival at Waddesdon Manor. UK

Other  CDs

Mongolian Music


esraj voice colourscape.jpgEsraj, Voice, Shaman Drum, Jew’s Harp..... Colourscape Festival

Waddesdon Manor UK


bowl meditation.jpgTibetan Singing Bowl

Meditation Sound Journey.


native flute khoomii.jpgNative American Flutes,

Morin Khuur and Khöömii

Singing. Live Recording for

The Kora Album

Mongolian Khöömii Singers & Info


dreamtime mongolia.jpgDreamtime Over the

Steppes. Nada live in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia



don conreaux.jpgDon Conreaux. Eddy Sayer, Jeff Higley & Michael Ormiston.

London C1995


didge harmonic flute.jpgMichael Ormiston's improvisation on a combined Harmonic Flute & Didgeridoo

London 1997


Home Page



whirlie gong alternatives.jpg"Whirlie Gong"  Candida, Michael & Friends, Alternatives



oleg kuular.jpgThe Late Tuvan Khöömei Singer

Oleg Kuular Live in London1995


chord turku.jpg"Chord" sung by A Turku Harmonic Choir composed by Michael Ormiston. Colourscape

Turku, Finland 2011