Some Khöömii, Khoomei, Overtone Singing Links and Related Sites


This info was send to me by Steve Sklar who set up the Khoo-maniacs EZ board. Please check out all these sites. If you wish to tell me of more sites I will add them. Email me at to do this

Khoo-Maniacs EZ Board: The place to discuss and work on khoomei and all forms of harmonic singing!

Big Sky MP3 Page: There are 3 mp3 songs here with examples of my khoomei: "Siberia," "Fire in the Water," and "Far Away."

Huun-Huur-Tu: Ingrid Verhamme's excellent site about the premier Tuvan ensemble. Bios, pics, tour info, links, and more!

Mark von Tongeren: Mark is a fine overtone and khoomei singer, and author of Overtone Singing.

Tran Quang Hai: Site of one of the pioneer researchers of overtone singing and vituoso Jaw Harpist, with many links

Arjuna Overtone singer and teacher in Berkely, CA

Jonathan Goldman: Boulder, CO based overtone singer and President of Sound Healers Association

Tarbagan: Fine Japanese khoomei duo

Michael Ormiston: Michael's web site is the best I've seen about Mongolian Throat-Singing.

Paul Pena: Blues singer, throat-singer and star of "Genghis Blues"

Genghis Blues: Web site for the documentary film about Paul Pena's 1995 trip to Tuva

Yat-Kha: Excellent Tuvan ensemble led by Albert Kuvezin, a founding member of HHT

Jim Cole: Overtone singer Jim Cole and his group Spectral Voices have a several recordings here..

Friends of Tuva: The first and most comprehensive site for all things Tuvan

The Tuva Trader Online: Looking for the right gift for your favorite Tuvaphile?

Oberton Seiten: Wolfgang Saus' Overtone Singing Site (in German)

Avant@rt - The place for Jazz, Theater, Russia, China and more....

Discography of Mongolian, Siberian, and Tuvan Music. From FoT

Cedip Tur: Khoomei, Finnish style

Finnish Throat-Singing Society

Tyva Kyzy Meaning "Tuvan Girl," a name suggested by khoomei great Khunashtaar-ool Oorzhak, this is an all-female Tuvan group.

Hosoo: Mongolian Khoomei Singer

Scientific American Article on Throat-Singing: Interesting piece by Ted Levin and Michael Edgerton (English Version)

Christian Bollmann's Overtone Choir: German and English pages

Leonardo Fuchs: Brazillian harmonic singer and researcher

David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir: Web home of David Hykes, one of the earliest pioneers of western overtone singing. Bios, pics, CD sales, and more

Pure Nature Music: Interesting khoomei site with several artists

Sainkho Namtchylak: Incredible female singer from Tuva

Totem People's Preservation Site: Preserving threatened Central Asian cultures

Michael Vetter: Veteran overtone singer (in German)

La Voix Duphoiques: Overtone ensemble (in French)

Ken Hyder: Shamanic jazz, with throat-singing, yeah!

Stuart Hinds: American harmonic singer specializing in contrapuntal music

Namgar: Buryat-Mongol music

Overtone Series: Time to brush up on harmonic theory?

Overtone Report: Interesting article on overtone singing

Vershki da Koreshki: Interesting ensemble; Tuvan master singer Kaigal-ool Khovalyg of HHT is part-time member

Mystical Arts of Tibet: Site for performing monks that tour the world

Welcome to Tuva: Interesting Tuvan web site

Chanting: Not necessarily harmonic, but interesting

Tenoresgoine: Sardinian Ensemble

Khoomei Center, Kyzl Tuva: Site by Zoya Kyrgys, director of "International Scientific Centre Khoomei" (in Russian)


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