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Candida gong

Facilitated by Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino


Options 10:30am to 5pm (One day on the weekend or whole weekend)

              1 hour to half day individual lessons.

              Small Group Sessions or Evening Class

Cost £60 for one day and £110 for whole weekend

Enquiries contact Michael at


Open to anyone who wishes to bring consciousness to their world of sound & vibration.


Gongs resonate with powerful, positive healing energy.


They are inspirational tools in anyone's healing practice.


The workshop will be an experiential journey through the sounds of the gongs,

their history and use in meditation/relaxation and deep listening practices.


Attendees will learn the techniques of making the gongs ring and sing in a relaxed and friendly environment and have the opportunity to receive and take part in a gong sound massage/meditation.


Michael and Candida have been playing gongs for the past 20 years. Michael has performed and been invited to teach many times at the Gong Master training camp by Gong Master Don Conreaux.

He has performed with Don's Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble since they first visited the UK and has appeared on many of their recordings. He was invited to New York in 1997 to teach and perform with Don. Candida completed the first UK Gong Master training course led by Don Conreaux and with Michael leads Deep Gong Sound Journeys, Therapeutic Gong Baths, Gong Massage Treatments, Gong Yoga session and individual Gong Healing sessions.


As Dane Rudhyar has said


“A gong is a perfect brotherhood of tones perfectly united and blended,

as a vehicle, or vahan, for some cosmic entity.

In it the law of cohesion 'manifests fully.

It is a concentric and organic body,

through which the energy of sound flows uninterrupted;

and in some cases at least, it has not only an elemental soul born out of the cohesive principle,

but also a spiritual soul as well brought down into its mass by the concentrated devotion of its maker.


The artisans of old spent years casting and fashioning some temple gongs

so that the tone of the gong might be a revelation to all the devo­tees who

would hear it filling the holy places.”