Ganbold is one of Mongolain’s foremost khöömii singers having travelled and recorded extensively around the world. He lives in Ulaanbaatar and was born in Chandman Sum where he learnt his styles of khöömii. I met him in his flat in 1993 and with his brother Gereltsogt another great khöömiich. Ganbold has an immense control over his khöömii and has a great knowldege of Mongolian melodies and has learnt melodies from other countries such as Japan, France and Korea. The Mongolian Songs CD has fine examples of this as well as some great recordings of Norovbanzad, Mongolia’s premier “Long Song” singer. He reaches the dizzy heights of  the  20th harmonic when singing an arrangment of Khar Uus Nuur (Black water lake) on Mongolian Khuumii : Anoprad company no catalogue no. (released 1997)! He is featured on Tran Quanh Hai’s song of harmonics video explainging some of his styles of khöömii.



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