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For the past 15 year Michael has performed traditional, experimental, contemporary, Live electro-acoustic and improvisational music

both as solo and with many musicians, performance artists and dancers.

He is the principal music & sound workshop leader for Colourscape working with people from the age of 3 to 100!

He specializes in working with special needs children and adults, people with Dementia & Mental Health Issues




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Michael’s unique collections of ethnic, new and invented instruments.

his Mongolian Overtone and undertone singing plus

his use of live electronics and his ability to improvise

creates an palette of sounds which compliment the

architecture and  colour environment of Colourscape.

He regularly performs solo and with Hyperyak plus artists such as Ansuman Biswas,

Silvia Hallet, Evan Parker, He has been commissioned to create

The Turku Harmonic Choir and Boundless Transformations

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Michael leads “The Colour of Sound” workshops for school groups and people of any age.

The magic of overtone singing and the mystery of Tibetan Singing Bowls with fun listening games exploring the voice in a safe and fun way that can inspire the attendees to learn about music and the fundamental nature of sound.

“The Elements” For pre-school (3 to 5) children. Attendees learn about music and listening by creating a live sound painting using the big green copying machine.

Painting Sound, Singing Colour”. In collaboration with an artist. This workshop investigates the intersection of colour and sound. Sound Maps and Colour Scores are created to allow the attendees to delve into core musical and painting skills. Contact

Special Needs : Michael has been the main music session leader for colourscape concerning people of all spectrums of special needs and recently with elderly people with dementia and mental health Issues.The instruments such as wind gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, thumb pianos, ocean drum and more give a sensory, Tactile and vibratory experience which can be shared either individually or in a group.