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“Du Dire Au Faire Au Milieu La Mer” (Amina 2006SP)

Live recording of the Music from the dance/live painting performance

in Geneva on 7th September 2002


The music on this CD was devised and composed in collaboration with Fabrice & Gilbert Mazliah for their “dance & live painting” multi media performance piece “Du dire au faire, au Milieu la mer”.

It was premiered at le Manège Theatre Space, Onex, Genève, Switzerland on 4th September 2002.

This is the 7th September 2002 performance.

All Titles composed/arranged by Michael Ormiston © Michael Ormiston 2002     


1.  Intro :12mins : audience steps on metal plates, prepared hung acoustic guitar.

2.  Terre :6 mins processed overtone singing loop, prepared hung acoustic guitar, spring drum, processed 

                 shaker loop & cymbals.

3.  Matière : 5mins : Bowed & rubbed long string plus instrumentation as in Terre.

4.  Extérieur/Intérieur : 15 mins : Tibetan Singing Bowls, bowed gong & bells and Indian temple field recording  

                                                     (made by Gilbert)

5.  Image de la mort, le feu: 9 mins : Gong loop, western undertone singing, khöömii (overtone) singing and

                                                            khargiraa (undertone)

6.  Métamorphosis   :  10 mins  :  Processed el. Guitar loop, “ebow” el. Guitar, shawm, prepared hung acoustic

                                                     guitar & cymbals.

7.  Dissolution :  4 mins :  Tibetan singing bowl loop & bowed Indian “banjo”.

8.  Renaissance Pt 1 :  7 mins  : Processed Tibetan singing bowl, el guitar, Gilbert & Fabrice.

9.  Renaissance Pt2/Face à Face  :  8 mins 32  :  Vocal beat box, metal rain, bowed gong & overtone singing


Thank you to Gilbert & Fabrice for their inspiration & encouragement, Pierre, Nicolas, J-Pierre, all at Le Managè,

Candida for being with me & Amina without whom I would not be here.


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